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Tripode is a secure, simple and easy to use tool that allows the user to order and classify images saving them in compressed and/or encrypted files, besides, it can visualize and edit the saved images.  In short, with Tripode you can enjoy your images and pictures in private and with complete security, without leaving them exposed to other users.



It protects the privacy and confidentiality of personal files. The files saved an encrypted with Tripode are out of the reach of other users. The files saved can be seen only through Tripode, even though they are neither compressed nor encrypted

It has 4  compression levels: without  compression, minimum, normal and maximum

The password can contain up to 32 characters, besides, a control question and its answer can be used in case the user forgets the password

It has protection against programs of keyboard monitoring


The files are dropped down in a friendly and easy to use graphic interface that allows to develop typical tasks associated to files, like copy, rename, move, import, export, etc.

Tripode can visualize and edit the images and picture files and allows the user to enjoy them with total exclusivity.

It has a file search tool, it searches or clasifies the images files contained in aTripode file.

The files can be transported from or to any PC having the Tripode application installed.

Tripode can create image slides in executable files, that can also be encrypted, that way the user can share pictures with other users.














Supports the following images format jpg, gif, tif, pcx, png, bmp, os2 bmp, tga, ppm, pxm, pgm, pbm, jp2, j2k, dcx.

It performs tasks associated with images, as changing size, rotation, histograms, removing red eyes, print images, preview, etc.

It adds effects to the images as lightness, darkness, contrast, saturation, posterize, solarize, sepia, split blur, gaussian blur, twist, emboss, mosaic, color noise, monocolor noise, spray, etc.

It can develope screenshots, the screenshots can be used in the Desktop, in an object, in a window, in a rectangle to define or in an area defined by the user

Watermarks can be added to the images


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It is available in two languages, English and Spanish, the user can change easily the language from the application menú  

The trial version works completely for a period of 35 days.

It is compatible with Windows ®   2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10